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Chairman Dr Ray George
75 Bassett Green Rd, 8055 6056

Vice-Chairman Vacant

Secretary Mr Steven Mackenzie
96 Ethelburt Ave, 8055 5701
Treasurer Mrs Ellen Horton
76 Bassett Green Rd, 8067 6062

Street Representatives

Bassett Green Rd: Mrs Peggy Gow
71 Bassett Green Rd, 8055 6869

Ethelburt Ave: Mr Andy & Mrs Michelle Fisher
95 Ethelburt Avenue
Mrs Michelle Hickling
100 Ethelburt Avenue, 8055 4348

Field Close: Vacant

Leaside Way: Mrs Angela Gilbert
18 Leaside Way, 8067 2766

Stoneham Lane: Mrs Elizabeth Cox
11 Stoneham Lane, 8067 6608

Summerfield Gardens: Mrs Gaye Dawkins
3 Summerfield Gdns, 8055 7580

Tree Planting Sub-Committee

Mr Robert Williams,74 Ethelburt Ave
Mr David Adams, 50 Ethelburt Ave

Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group
Mike Bull, 11 Ethelburt Avenue
John Caunt, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
Godfrey Collyer, 2 Ethelburt Ave (Chair)
John Dixon, 34 Ethelburt Avenue
(Repair Team Organiser, Tel: 8055 0064 )
Steven Mackenzie, 96 Ethelburt Avenue
Noel Waterston, 59 Ethelburt Avenue
Rob Williams, 74 Ethelburt Avenue.

Non-Committee Representatives for Ethelburt Avenue
Mrs Una Chandler,19 Ethelburt Ave
Mr Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, 69 Ethel.
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At the end of the summer term, Mrs Knight the headteacher of St George’s School sent us a report on a litter survey. This was the outcome of a Geography project by a group of her pupils to look at litter from fast food shops in Swaythling. An attractive report written by Dominic Fairman and with an introduction by Philip Spacagna  concluded that there is no problem with litter coming from MacDonald’s and Burger King. The managers of both restaurants assured them that the litter they produce is cleaned up by their own road sweepers. Histograms in the report show that in the worst affected locations less than 10% of the litter is from MacDonald’s or from Burger King.

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It is a tragic mistake to see that some houses have plastic windows in the front and then proceed to install them in yours. This happened very recently. An Enforcement Officer from the City’s Planning Department lost no time in visiting the property and the work was stopped. Two windows had already been removed and unfortunately their aluminium frames had been so badly damaged in the removal that they could not be replaced. Two plastic windows were installed as a temporary measure.

The plastic windows we see around us were installed prior to the making of the “Article 4 Direction” in July 1992. As has been stated many times in this Newsletter, alternations on the front and sides elevations (as well as quite a number other things) require planning consent. We know that applications to install plastic windows are refused. A few years ago, retrospective planning permission for plastic windows already installed was refused. This went to appeal and the refusal was upheld by the inspector. The installation of plastic windows, their removal and replacement by windows of the original style was a very expensive exercise.

If you are thinking of alterations to your property then consult Jane Davies, Conservation Officer at the Civic Centre, Tel 023 8083 2555.

The City Council’s Design Guidance for this Conservation Area is available on our web site.

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The evening followed the same pattern as last year by commencing with a meeting on Ethelburt Avenue improvement, chaired by Godfrey Collyer. He outlined all the work that had been done following the survey of opinion in Autumn 2003. This included getting costings for surfacing and dust suppression treatment and undertaking a traffic and a speed survey. The average speed of traffic was 15 mph. He said the cost of a public consultation on stopping up the road either at one end or the middle would be £3000.

The AGM agreed that the annual subscription would remain at £3 per household and for Ethelburt Avenue residents the Improvement Fund contribution would also remain at £30. The chairman thanked departing Committee members including Claire Buckley and Nicky Evans who was formerly secretary and latterly vice-chairman but has now moved from the area.

Following the formal business, Margaret Matthews from the Hawthorn’s Wildlife Association (also a local resident) gave an informative talk on “Southampton Common, Past and Present.” We learnt of the importance of the Common for the town’s water supply, with its streams, lakes and reservoirs. The Cowherd’s Public House started as the house of the cowherd who looked after the commoners cows for the day. The Common was the site of the gallows and the last public execution in Southampton was in 1785. In Victorian times the Common was developed into a park with a race track.

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A letter from the secretary of the Bassett Green Leaseholders and Tenants Association to Herbert Collins, dated 28th February, 1951.

Dear Mr. Collins,

No’s. 97-111, Ethelburt Avenue.

At a Meeting of the Committee held yesterday, I was instructed to enquire what steps were being or had been taken to ensure that the layout of the front of the new houses would retain the uniform appearance which is a feature of the Estate, and which is controlled by the Leases of the existing houses.

The Association feel that uniformity of the frontages is essential, and that preferably the houses facing West at least should have open fronts with greens to match the houses on the other side.

I think you will appreciate that if some tenants had front hedges, while others had grass greens the effect would be very unsatisfactory and would depreciate the remaining property in the road.

Yours faithfully,

B.F.Tite,  Hon. Secretary

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The Southampton North Neighbourhoods Partnership held a

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For those who like reading the Sunday newspapers in bed, it must have come as a shock to learn that from the beginning of September, Hatcher’s were stopping their morning newspaper delivery. (Hatcher’s still have a limited morning delivery of just 3 rounds delivered by a pensioner, and so far the afternoon delivery of Echoes is not affected).

The reason for this calamity was that children no longer want the job of newspaper boy or rather newspaper young person. Greenwood’s the other newsagent in Portswood Road stopped deliveries a long time ago for the same reason. Hamper’s on Westfield Corner, Wide Lane do still have a delivery service but do not deliver west of the dual carriageway. (They might if they got enough customers; tel 8032 2074.)

But salvation is at hand from Copperfield News in Copperfield Road who are prepared to deliver to this area. Their number is 023 8067 2269.

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The AGM of the Southampton Federation of Residents’ Associations on 8th July was followed by a question and answer session on anti-social behaviour. Mr John Heyworth, a consultant in the A & E Department at Southampton General Hospital said that since he last spoke to the Federation in March 2002, the problem had got worse and was no longer only at weekends but throughout the week. He was at a loss to know what to do about it. Read the rest of this entry »

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In April, Mrs Knight, the head teacher, wrote to the Association to tell us of the work planned for the stream and woodland in front of her school by staff from HSBC as a team building exercise.

She also asked us whether we would like her to consider particular work to improve their site.

On 8th July, the HBSC team removed rubbish from the woodland area immediately in front of the school and planted some bog plants around the stream. This is a great improvement, but the area which needs cleaning up is much larger as the woodland is a favourite place to get rid of bulky rubbish. Perhaps some members of the Association would like to form a team to continue the good work. If so, email us.

A visit to St George’s School shows they still have a long way to go to reach zero tolerance of litter within their boundaries.

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A resident of the lower square in Ethelburt Avenue has expressed concern about cars entering the square at high speed on their way to the tennis courts. Drive cautiously, children play in this area, or better still, walk; it is more healthy!
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