Following the AGM, Eleanor Evans from Planning Aid South gave a talk on “Finding Your Way Through the Planning System”. She emphasised how important it is to get in early in the development of planning policy. By the time a document goes out for public consultation it is likely to be set in stone. She explained what is and what is not a material consideration. The adverse effect of a development on the value of your property is not material. It is also good to have a planning application considered by the councillors on the Planning Panel rather than the decision being taken by planning officers. To achieve this you need the support of a ward councillor and at least 5 objections. A petition signed by 1000 people is still only one objection. The same standard letter sent by many people is still only one objection. What one needs is different letters from separate addresses.

Her PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded via a link in the online version of this newsletter.   
Part 1
    Part 2  as pdf files.

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