by John Dixon

Since laying the three trial loose-gravel strips in Ethelburt Avenue, a number of people have said that they would like to lay similar gravel on their own drives or pathways. Buying gravel in bulk should be far cheaper than buying it in small quantities and so it has been suggested that we buy in a lorry load and distribute it to those requiring it.

At this stage, I cannot give you a price per (cubic) yard/metre, as this will greatly depend on how much we collectively buy. But to give you an idea of possible savings, the recent Ethelburt Maintenance delivery cost around £20 per 800Kg compared to £39.98 for a B&Q “Bulk Bag” of a similar weight.
If you are interested in buying 20mm gravel in this collective way, perhaps you would contact me with your required amount and then I will try to estimate the likely cost for your delivery. To give you an idea of quantities, 1 cubic metre laid at say a depth of 50mm (2ʺ) should cover around 20 square metres (215 square feet).

Ring 80550064 or j.d.dixon at

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