by Alex Burns, aged 10

Well, everyone wants to go to Africa to see lions, zebras and giraffes but we’re stuck here in Britain. No exciting animals here you might think, but right outside your doorstep there is a whole world right under our noses. Just in my back garden alone, I have found ladybirds, caterpillars, hedgehogs, foxes, butterflies and around 40 frogs (it’s hard to count all of them).

Angela (my next door neighbour) even has newts in her pond. At Monks Brook there are loads and loads of slowworms and even the occasional lizard. I have been down there many a time; once I even managed to snap these pictures.

Remember to look up at the sky. There are lots of birds and if you’re lucky, you might even see a buzzard. So next time you are out and about in your garden or out locally and don’t know what to do, look out for wildlife because there is more in this world than you think!

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