by Valerie Laurent

It was at the Midsummer Party that the crazy idea arrived, we were so enjoying the occasion: why not have another party on our green in Leaside Way at a later date? Lets get-together with our immediate neighbours. Plans were laid and a Sunday afternoon in September agreed upon. Invitations were printed and given, barbecues, china, tables and chairs borrowed and the sun shone making the green look very welcoming. Most important of all was the huge support the event received and it was wonderful to meet residents old and new and pass a happy few hours together. Tina Leng kindly organised children’s games before they tucked into the barbecue. Thanks are due to all those helpers, including Angela Gilbert for co-ordinating the event, Tracy and Robert Burns for lending their kitchen and barbecue, Steve Chalder and Anne Dempsey for their hard work and a lady from Cornwall, Helen Errington who came for a quiet weekend! Flowers for the tables were by Roger and Ella Lockett and many people kindly donated prizes for the raffle. Thank you to everyone for coming and making the day so enjoyable.

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