Reprinted from the Spring Review, 2007 of the City of Southampton Society.

Developments in Conservation Areas should preserve and enhance their character. There are two such areas in Southampton which have both been designed by one architect in the Garden Suburb style. Not all houseowners in them recognise the distinctive design features of a Herbert Collins’ property. The plans with a recent application for a rear extension and a new garage in Ethelburt Avenue showed no recognition of the Collins’ original design or that any additions should reflect this. The overlarge extension approx 7.4m x 4.7m filled a considerable part of the back garden of this modest semi-detached house. There were eight roof lights and a non-Collins’ window and door. These and the fact that the proposed new garage had no Collins’ design features were listed in the Society’s rejection. An improved application was later submitted, probably with help given by a planning officer.

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