After the formal business of the AGM, Paul Cambell arrived in his fire engine
from St Mary’s Fire Station to give a talk on fire safety in the home. He said
that the most common cause of fires in the home is smoking, followed by cooking
and electrical fires. Chip pans and adapters on electrical sockets came in for
particular criticism. The most common time for a fire is during the night when
people are in bed. It is a mistake for one person to go down stairs to explore,
every one should go down together and leave the house.

Accompanying this newsletter is a form for a home fire safety visit from
firemen. The visit includes free supply and fitting of a smoke alarm with a 10
year battery life, advice on fire safety and what to do in the event of fire
etc. If you would like a visit, which is available to everybody, please complete
the accompanying form and return it to your street rep

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