Police Community Support Officer Sonja Payne came to part of the HCERA Committee’s last meeting. She, together with her colleague Aaron Sutton, patrol Beat 4 which covers our area, the Flower Roads, the Leaside Way area and Mansbridge. She started in January and her particular area is Mansbridge. From November, there will be a PCSO for everything north of Bassett Green Road, but they all work together. She said that this is a mixed community, including the elderly and a few large families. The main problem is with youths and low level crime. Unfortunately in a small minority of families, the kids run riot and the parents don’t care, they just laugh. In these circumstances, they look to see who else they can involve, such as the housing association and the education welfare officer. She can make visits to homes to find out the issues. She also goes to meetings and gets involved with projects. She emphasised the importance of always reporting incidents.

 She told us that the Dispersal Order around Ventnor Court has now expired. Also, boys leaving St George’s School at lunch time now have to carry a pass authorising this. 

The Committee was impressed with PCSO Payne and believe she will make a valuable contribution to reducing antisocial behaviour. 

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