A few weeks ago while waiting for a number 11 bus in Bassett Green Road, I saw a number 7 approaching. This was the first I knew about the new bus routes. As recently as September 2000 the 11/11A line was introduced with buses at 10 minute intervals during the day. “Southampton METRO – simply turn up and hop on.” said the advertising. The 7 only runs half-hourly during daytime and goes to town via Bevois Valley. Like the 11 it has replaced, the 7 does continue to Sholing via Woolston, so is useful for getting to Ocean Village.

We are still quite well served by buses going to Portswood and the city centre. The Blue Star number 2, stopping in Stoneham Lane, is four times per hour in the day and half-hourly in the evening. It goes via Lodge Road and the Avenue. In the reverse direction they will take us to the Swan Centre, Eastleigh.

The main loss is the number 6/6A which went over Cobden Bridge to Midanbury. The 6 has been rerouted to the City Centre. However in the other direction, we can go to the General Hospital from Burgess Road outside McDonald’s.

There are fewer buses in which to return from the city centre in the evening, the 7 being only hourly and the 2 half-hourly. But do not overlook the Unilink services which leave from the south side of the Civic Centre. In particular the U2, which is half-hourly (University term-time) , will bring you to the Stoneham Arms.

Finally, the hourly train from Swaythling Station will convey you to the Central Station in just 8 minutes. In the opposite direction, it goes to Romsey. Sadly, direct service to Romsey is likely to be withdrawn, proving that if you don’t use it, you lose it!

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