The Team Lower volunteers have been called up to make the regular repairs on the 22nd April. If you would like to join in future work please contact John Dixon via the HCERA email address, or by dropping your details into 34 Ethelburt Avenue. New faces will always be welcome, and no special skills or tools are required.

Some sections of grass verge have been put in place by the residents outside their own properties, and some work has been organised by the Road Improvement Group (RIG) and the work done by the repair volunteers. To avoid any future efforts looking haphazard, Rob Williams, Godfrey Collyer, John Dixon, John Scoates and Maurice Drake have measured the road width, checked the positions of the drains and lampposts, and determined the best dimensions for the verges and the paths that they create. The road is 40′ wide in total throughout its length, and we will try to restore verges of 4′ width with 4′ of path at each side of the road. This will leave a width of 24′ for vehicles (either parked or travelling). Rob will draw plans showing the restored verges for all to comment on before any work is done by the RIG.

We want any future work to be guided by your views, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your thoughts and opinions.

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