The Road Improvement Group (RIG) has set itself the following tasks for the next twelve months:

  • – To canvass opinion amongst residents regarding Ethelburt Avenue becoming a no through road and if there is strong support for this to work with residents and the City Council to achieve this
  • – Continue reinstating the verges in Ethelburt Avenue in line with Herbert Collins’s original plans.
  • – Continue to maintain the road surface.
  • – Continue to encourage the safe use of the road.
  • – Regularly inform residents of how work is progressing.

The RIG believes that Ethelburt Avenue could successfully be turned into two cul-de-sacs with appropriate and attractive landscaping allowing the passage of pedestrians and bicycles. At the recent HCERA AGM there were no dissenting views when this matter was discussed.

There is a planning process to be followed for this to be put in place that would clearly involve public consultation. We of course would only pursue this option if we have the support of a substantial majority of the residents.

Over the next few months we intend to distribute a circular outlining the case for a no through road and to canvas opinion by holding an open meeting. If there is clearly a substantial majority in support of the proposal then we shall commence discussions with officers of the City Council to begin the planning approval process.

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