It is a tragic mistake to see that some houses have plastic windows in the front and then proceed to install them in yours. This happened very recently. An Enforcement Officer from the City’s Planning Department lost no time in visiting the property and the work was stopped. Two windows had already been removed and unfortunately their aluminium frames had been so badly damaged in the removal that they could not be replaced. Two plastic windows were installed as a temporary measure.

The plastic windows we see around us were installed prior to the making of the “Article 4 Direction” in July 1992. As has been stated many times in this Newsletter, alternations on the front and sides elevations (as well as quite a number other things) require planning consent. We know that applications to install plastic windows are refused. A few years ago, retrospective planning permission for plastic windows already installed was refused. This went to appeal and the refusal was upheld by the inspector. The installation of plastic windows, their removal and replacement by windows of the original style was a very expensive exercise.

If you are thinking of alterations to your property then consult Jane Davies, Conservation Officer at the Civic Centre, Tel 023 8083 2555.

The City Council’s Design Guidance for this Conservation Area is available on our web site.

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