by Nicola Bayliss 58 Ethelburt Avenue

After reading the winter newsletter, my partner and I fully agreed with the comments made by Helen Jarvis. I myself have been subject to almost being run over by cars travelling down Ethelburt Avenue.

On Sunday I was on my way out with my family for the afternoon and spotted a car speeding down the road from the top end. I stepped out into the road and waved my arms shouting ‘slow down’ only to be given a one finger salute and soaked from head to foot by the tyres splashing in puddles. I was shocked to say the least and watched the car continuing down Ethelburt to see where this person lived. They continued to the end of the road and out onto Stoneham Lane.
I’m just glad that it wasn’t my three year old who had stepped just a little too far from the car.

In short, I feel that installing bollards half way down Ethelbert Avenue would certainly help the situation.

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