This walk skirts the Townhill Park House grounds and then returns via Mansbridge. The walk takes about one hour and a half.

Go down Bassett Green Road and under the railway arch. At the roundabout go along Mansbridge Road, over the old bridge and past the White Swan. Just after Haskins Garden Centre, you come to Cutbush Lane on the right. Go along Cutbush Lane until you come to the West End Parish Playing Fields. If you have never seen Townhill Park House which now houses the Gregg School, you might like to continue a bit further along the lane to have a look and then return to the playing fields. Cross the playing fields, go up the slope in the southwest corner and along the path between some brambles. Once through the brambles follow the path to your left which leads towards the largest Scots pine tree. You will then see the boundary fence of the Townhill Park House grounds on your left. The undergrowth will become too thick to walk beside the fence. So from the pine tree go straight ahead and after about 30 yards the path descends to a boggy track through a clump of bamboo. By careful stepping, you can avoid getting your feet wet. Go straight ahead and then follow the feint track which climbs up to the drive leading to the now closed entrance to the house grounds. Go down the drive until you come to the top end of River Walk, then turn right into Riverside Park. Walk along the path until you come to the River Itchen. Proceed north along the path by the river to Man=s Bridge. From this point retrace your steps back home.

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