The Southampton Association of Residents’ Associations held its AGM on the 5th December. The formal business was followed by two presentations.
The first by John Martin, the City Cleansing Officer, was on the work of his department regarding the problem of graffiti in the City. The main message was the need for a partnership of the community, the Cleansing Team and police to halt the unsightly and expensive vandalism caused by graffiti.*
Then followed a talk by Andrew Nurmahi, Manager of the Wessex Youth Offending Team. The work of the team is aimed primarily at prevention of crime and family support. When the courts find young people, aged 10 to 17, guilty of crime, they will refer them to new Youth Offender Panels. Here a small group of people will use their local knowledge to plan solutions for young offenders which enable them to change their behaviour for good. If you want to take part and would like to know more ring 023 8046 3336.

* If you would like to borrow the Association’s
Sparkling Southampton Anti-Graffiti Kit please ring 023 8055 6056

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