The Coordinating Group of the Southampton North Neighbourhoods Partnership has met and agreed a >Draft Vision=. They have also started to develop a Draft Improvement Plan based on the priorities established at the launch meetings held last July. The top three priorities are:
(1) Housing and the Living Environment
(2) Community Safety and
(3) Transport.

The Draft Vision is: AThe Southampton North Neighbourhoods Partnership area will include harmonious communities where people accept each other and feel safe. These will be communities where everyone is included and are aware of the political process and feel involved and included in decision making. This will be a community where all service providers relate to each other and deliver services appropriate to people’s needs.

On Thursday, 13th February between 2pm and 7pm at the Swaythling Neighbourhood Centre, Burgess Road (behind Alldays) there will be a >Drop-In=. This will provide an opportunity to exchange information with community and other service providers. In addition this event will be used to seek views on the Draft Improvement Plan and Vision.

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