At the end of the summer term all the residents of Leaside Way had a letter from St George’s School inviting them to a meeting to discuss the traffic problems caused by the buses and cars taking the boys to and from school.

I went along and found them understanding of our concerns i.e. cars parked on the verges and at times a line of five or six buses belching out fumes for minutes at a time. I was assured action would be taken.
Although outside the remit of the talks, litter and hedge-breaking were discussed. They will do all they can to correct this behaviour. They said, and I believe them, it is only a small percentage of boys who behave in this way.

I attended another meeting on the 12th September. I learnt that the installation of the pedestrian phase in the traffic lights at the Stoneham Lane/ Bassett Green Road crossroads had been put on hold for financial reasons. I will only go to future meetings when, as promised, they let me know that something relevant to us is coming up.

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