by John Fennick, Leaside Way

The residents of Leaside Way have a problem with some of the boys attending St George’s School. As well as overturning bins, they have decided it is great fun to jump into and push each other through the privet hedges.

On the day of Mrs Knight’s letter, at 3.30pm, I photographed a boy who deliberately took a run and jump into the hedge of No. 13. On Feb 27th at 9.20am, I photographed a group of boys take another and throw him into the hedge of No. 5.

The Deputy Headmaster, Mr Maloy and the Head of Year 11, Mr Oldham were very pleased to help. They were having  problems with these boys within the school. The boys in the photographs are now going through the exclusion procedure.

On March 15th, three younger boys were pushing each other into the privet and ended up in the garden of No. 9. The following Monday I identified the boys from school photos. Mr Maloy called them to his office, told them he would write to their parents and if it happened again they would go to the exclusion procedure. After apologising they were sent out on community service picking up litter in Leaside Way.

If you are at home between the hours of 8.30 -9.30am and 3.15-3.30pm and have a camera or camcorder or can identify these boys, give the evidence to Mr Maloy. With your help, he will stop this vandalism.

The school phone number is 8032 2603.

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