by Ray George

The press has only recently awoken to the loss of early morning collections from post boxes. But residents will have noticed that this happened here several months ago.

Monday to Friday collections are:
Bassett Green Rd 11.15 17.30 Stoneham Lane 11.30 17.30

The last collection from Bassett Green Road is a quarter of an hour earlier than formerly. This may not seem much but could be useful if you want to catch the post after work. However the last collection at the High Road, Swaything Post Office is 18.30.

The Saturday collections are:
Bassett Green Rd 8.30 11.30 Stoneham Lane 8.00 10.45

Contrary to my expectation, the last collection on Saturday from the box outside the Swaythling Post Office is not around closing time but at 11.00. There is however a Sunday collection from this box at 12.00.

The Mail Centre at Southampton Airport has a last collection on Monday to Friday at 19.30, on Saturday 14.00 and on Sunday at 13.30. On Monday to Friday, there is a Midnight collection for next day delivery to the SO and SP areas only.

The Post Office will only say that First Class Post should be delivered next day anywhere in the county, but this is not guaranteed.

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