by Steve Mackenzie

There was another chance to discuss our plans at the AGM with the (admittedly few) people present from the Avenue, all of whom agreed that the work as described in a previous letter to the residents of Ethelburt Avenue should go ahead.

At the time of the AGM, we had banked £2721 from this year’s collection towards the Road Repair Fund. (This is not a multiple of £35 as we received a small gift!) A few more payments have come in since then, and if you still want to contribute, but were out when we called, please drop round a cheque for £35 pounds either to Peter Martin at 52 Ethelburt Avenue, or myself at 96 Ethelburt Avenue.

Including the surplus income from last year, we can now go ahead with our plans to have 15 m of black tarmac put down at the low numbered end of the Avenue. This work could be done at the end of November.

The tarmac will be surfaced-dressed a more suitable colour after the top surface of the tarmac has worn in. We also intend to unblock the drains along the Avenue, and plant sections of verges around them, but this has not yet been arranged.

Many people have said that the last repairs made to the road surface, by a gang of residents led by John Scoates and Maurice Drake, were the best that they can remember. We will soon need to call for more volunteers to repeat the work, and if you could help to coordinate this effort, please get in touch.

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