About us


Herbert Collins Estates Limited is a ‘not for profit’ company which was formed, on the initiative of the Residents’ Association, by a number of residents of the Ethelburt Avenue (Bassett Green Estate) Conservation Area in Southampton. The objective of the Company is to acquire the freehold of all of the land being disposed of by Woodhill Properties Limited (formerly the Southampton and District Land Company Limited), which includes properties subject to long leases and the private roads and greens within the Conservation Area, as well as 18 Herbert Collins properties in the Thornhill area of Southampton. The aim of the Company is to manage the land, once acquired, in a manner that preserves or enhances the amenity of the Conservation Area and supports the activities of the Herbert Collins Estates Residents’ Association.

The Company, which is limited by guarantee, was incorporated on 9th October 2017. Members must be owners or residents of a property in the Ethelburt Avenue (Bassett Green Estate) Conservation Area or Summerfield Gardens. Additionally, owners or residents of other property, either leased by the Company or subject to covenants to the benefit of property owned by the Company, may apply for membership. The Company Number is 11003580 and the Company’s Articles of Association can be found on the Companies House website here.

For further information about Herbert Collins Estates Limited, please refer to the information on the Companies House website or you can email the Directors.

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