Short Walk 9

On this walk we look at the sites considered for park-and-ride (p&r) in the report “Strategic Park and Ride Opportunities for the Southampton Area”. It takes about one hour.

Go down Bassett Green Road, under the railway arch and, just past the Fleming Arms, turn onto the Monks Brook Greenway.

Walk along the path. The vegetation beside the railway line has been recently cleared.

Where you see the gas holders, cross the railway line by the public footpath which then runs along the south side of Ford’s car park. This car park is the first of the p&r sites.

Go along Wide Lane and under the M27. As you climb the bridge over the railway you see on your left the playing field that is the most favoured site for p&r.

Continuing to the roundabout, ahead are two more p&r sites on the opposite side of Wide Lane to the railway station. One is on part of the University Sports Ground and the other on the King Edward VI School fields. Now retrace your steps to the Monks Brook Greenway and continue along the path.

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