Short Walk 5

This walk takes us to North Stoneham Church, through Home Wood to Bracken Hall (formerly Fred Woolley House). The walk takes less than two hours.

Go north along Stoneham Lane. To avoid the traffic you can walk in the playing fields as far as the M27 underpass. After the underpass comes the Wellington Sports Ground and beyond that, North Stoneham Church.

Immediately after the church, turn left onto the farm road. This goes round the Park Farm farmhouse. After the breaker’s yard comes a high brick wall of an old kitchen garden. A little beyond the end of this wall, round a bend, you will see a white five-barred iron gate on the right. A few yards before the gate, on the same side of the road, is the start of a footpath. This will take you all the way to Bracken Hall after about half a mile. Near the beginning, the path has woodland on the left and a meadow with cows on the other side. Later, it runs through attractive mature woodland. After skirting Bracken Hall, go down the road and cross the bridge over the M27. At the Chilworth Roundabout return home along Bassett Green Road.

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