Short Walk 3

On this walk we explore the southern section of the Monks Brook Greenway.

We walk down Bassett Green Road, under the Railway Arch to the Wide Lane roundabout and cross over the road near the wooden post that directs us to Monks Brook Greenway. We go through the wooden gate and along the path which leads to and continues beside Monks Brook. Soon it becomes a footway between a block of flats on our left and a wall beside Monks Brook. After this it continues on through the woods. Eventually we come to a green painted bridge. If we went over this bridge the footpath would take us to South Stoneham Church. Ahead the path continues but will soon peter out as Monks Brook curves round in front of us. We therefore go left at the green bridge along what is called Monks Path. Where the tarmac stops and continues as gravel, there is, on the left a short path of paving slabs leading into Monks Way. Immediately beyond this point, we turn right and make way through some woodland into a field. We cross the field and look for a track into the woods. We go through the woods and come to a large ash tree in which a platform has been built. Beside the tree is the remains of a small brick bridge over a drainage channel which we cross. The track to the left leads out into a field. To the right, the track follows an interesting route beside the Itchen but we eventually find we can go no further and have to retrace our steps to this point. We hug the eastern tree line of the field all the way to Mansbridge Road. We return along Mansbridge Road taking the pleasant elevated path that runs beside the houses of the Swaythling Housing Society.

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