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Letter to residents.

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The objective of a Conservation Area Appraisal is to understand and articulate exactly why the area is special and what elements within the area contribute to this special quality and which don’t. A Management Plan sets out the way in which development pressure and neglect will be managed to ensure conservation areas retain the qualities which led to their designation.

English Heritage is the Government’s statutory adviser on the historic environment. Officially known as the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, they are an executive Non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. English Heritage has produced a guidance document: Understanding Place: Conservation Area Designation, Appraisal and Management.

Kevin White, Leader of the Historic Environment Team of Southampton City Council has provided us with a Specification for the Appraisal which has been based on the English Heritage document.

Alastair Drake, who was a member of the team that prepared the Appraisal and Management Plan for the Portswood Residents’ Gardens Conservation Area, has written some Notes on the Appraisal for us and also Guidance on the Appraisal which contains a lot of useful references.

Two residents associations have drafted an Appraisal and Management Plan. These have been adopted by the Council:

Appraisal and Management Plan for the Portswood Residents’ Gardens Conservation Area

Appraisal and Management Plan for the Oakmount Triangle Conservation Area

The Oxford Street Conservation Area Appraisal was produced by Turley Associates, a planning and urban design consultancy.

Our task is in many respects more in the nature of a review, which the local authority is required to carry out from time to time, since we already have Design Guidance for the Ethelburt Avenue (Bassett Green Estate) Conservation Area published in 1993.  The original document as a pdf file can be downloaded from here:   Design Guidance for Ethelburt Avenue 1993 (6.3 Mbytes)

Appraisal_official_front_cover(ht260) The Appraisal and Management Plan is being drafted. The original draft was by Kevin White, Historic Environment Team Leader, Southampton City Council.

Official Public Consultation Draft (as a pdf file)

Please email your comments, suggestions and corrections to hcera@talk21.com

The Offical Consultation period is from 5th March to 17th April, follow this link to the Ethelburt Avenue consultation

Following the public meeting on Thursday 5th March, response was received by email from Kevin White the Historic Environment Team Leader.

Chairman’s letter to residents on the Public Consultation (pdf file)

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