Follow the links below to find out more information on appraisal and management, guidance, policies relating to maintaining a Collins home and the Article 4 Direction.

Appraisal & Management Plan for the Ethelburt Avenue (Bassett Green Estate) Conservation Area

The aim of the Appraisal & Management Plan is:
1. To identify the unique characteristics of the area in support of local planning policies to preserve and enhance the special character and appearance of the area.

2. To provide residents, Council officers and Members, Appeal Inspectors and others with authoritative guidelines on the types of development and other changes that will preserve or enhance the area.

This Appraisal and Management Plan was approved by the City Council’s Cabinet at their meeting on 20th October 2015.

Click on this link to download the Appraisal and Management Plan (pdf file, 1.3 Mbytes).

Design Guidance for the Ethelburt Avenue (Bassett Green Estate) Conservation Area

Southampton City Council recognises the importance of both the Bassett Green Estate (Ethelburt Avenue) and the Uplands Estate in terms of their environmental quality and the contribution their architect and designer Herbert Collins has made to the interwar development of the city. The estates reflect the designs, layout and principles of the Garden City Movement with which Collins was closely associated.

Click on this link to download the Design Guidance booklet (pdf file, 6.3 Mbytes).
Information Leaflet on the Bassett Green Estate (Ethelburt Avenue) Conservation Area (pdf file)

Policy of Herbert Collins Estates Limited

Where the property is leasehold, and you pay ground rent to Herbert Collins Estates Ltd., the terms of the Lease require any proposed alteration or addition to be notified to and approved by Herbert Collins Estates Ltd. before any work is commenced. This is not limited to structural alterations but applies equally to changes of external paint colour, replacement of windows, installation of aerials etc.

If the property is freehold, there will be restrictive covenants about alterations and additions similar to those contained in the leases.

The Article 4 Direction

To ensure that the special features of the houses on the estate are protected from undesirable alterations, Southampton City Council made an Article 4 Direction on 15 May 1992. This was confirmed with modifications by the Secretary of State on 1 July 1992. The Article 4 Direction removes some of the development permitted by Schedule 2 of General (permitted) Development Order. Not all permission is removed within a Class in Part 1 and the order does not apply to all Classes in Part 1 or to any other Part. It is important to first read the Minister’s letter, when reading the Article 4 Direction.

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 is the order currently in force. See the Government’s Planning Portal webpage Permitted Development Rights.

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