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Chairman: Ray George 75 Bassett Green Rd
Secretary: Elizabeth Cox 11 Stoneham Lane
Treasurer: Geoffrey Williams 31 Stoneham Lane

Street Representatives
Bassett Green Rd: Mike Farrelly 59 Bassett Green Rd
Ethelburt Ave: Anne Dempsey 66 Ethelburt Avenue
                        Robert Williams 74 Ethelburt Avenue
Field Close: Vacant
Leaside Way: Valerie Laurent 43 Leaside Way
Stoneham Lane: Elizabeth Cox 11 Stoneham Lane
Summerfield Gardens: Angela Cotton 8 Summerfield Gdns

Trees Sub-Committee

Julian Ball, 65 Ethelburt Avenue
Peter Coxon, 55 Bassett Green Road

Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group

Dan Hopgood
Godfrey Collyer
John Scoates
Mark Farnell
Noel Waterston
Rob Williams
John Dixon, 34 Ethelburt Avenue (Repair Team Organiser)

Non-Committee Representatives for Ethelburt Avenue
Mike Bull
Anne Howard
Jacqui Williams

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by Angela Cotton

Residents of Leaside Way and Summerfield Gardens may be aware of the newly-formed Leaside Way Neighbourhood Watch operating in our area. This looks as if it will be a very active group and we encourage you to get involved. At present the group has no plans to extend its coverage to roads beyond this area, although I am sure they will offer advice to anyone who would like to set up a Neighbourhood Watch of their own.

Contact Ray or Christine by emailing

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A well attended AGM took place on 30th October at St George’s School. As well as all the usual chores of an AGM, John Green reported on the Company. He said that acquiring the Estate from Woodhill Properties was taking much longer than we had expected. Recently, a draft contract had been received and the directors were carefully checking the details. The AGM agreed they wanted to appoint a director, who will be Ben Whinnett.

We ran out of time and the last item on the agenda was omitted, so if anyone had been desperate to raise a matter under Any Other Business, please tell us about it by email.

Then followed a most interesting talk by Phoebe Merrick on the Romsey Remount Depot. She followed the progress of the over 600,000 horses and mules imported from North America, from their purchase at sale rings, to their arrival in the UK. Those arriving at Romsey were put in isolation for a couple of days and then allowed to recover from the journey for at least 2 weeks. They were then shod, given regular grooming, exercised and trained for military service. When ready, they were led to Southampton Docks and shipped to France.

On display at the AGM was the near final draft of the Swaythling Remount Depot Memorial sign.

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There will be a litter-pick in the roads of the Conservation Area and surrounding roads on Saturday 17th November from 10.30 to 12.30.

The equipment is to be collected from 75 Bassett Green Road from 10.15. We hope you will participate. But please email HCERA to tell us.

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by Ray George

Anyone who has needed tree work done will have discovered that it is an expensive business. For example, the felling and stump grinding of a large dying cherry tree in Ethelburt Avenue cost £720 (incl. VAT) earlier this year. The cost of this work was met from the Ethelburt Avenue Repair and Maintenance Fund. The Residents’ Association has agreed to pay for a replacement tree.

The Residents’ Association is happy to make a contribution to the cost of tree work in the communal areas, but its annual subscription (£4) is not geared to meeting every large payment that might arise.

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by Ray George

On the left is an original window.

In the centre is a double glazed window, where there has been little care to reproduce the features of the original.

On the right is a new double glazed window which has replaced the one in the centre. The manufacturer has paid great attention to getting the details right.

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by Michelle Hickling

Do come to the Christmas Carols on the top corner green in Ethelburt Ave: Thursday 20th December 7 – 8pm.

Ocean Brass Band will be leading us in the festive sing song. Bring along your family and friends and some food/drink to share!

Donations go towards the band and their chosen charity, the Hants and IOW Air Ambulance.

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This is advance notice that the provisional date for the Swaythling Lawn Tennis Club annual quiz is Friday February 15th 2019. Further details will be published in the new year, but in the meantime contact John Green on 8067 1016 for information, or to register your interest.

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by Ray George

The North Southampton Community Forum had their AGM on 17th October. The meeting was quite informative.

PCSO Scott Walker said there were a lot of garage and shed break-ins in the Bassett Area, mainly evenings. The thieves were particularly interested in high value cycles. Police Community Support Officers were now not being replaced at all. The change since 2007 had been enormous.

Stephen Harrison, the Council’s Development Manager said there were 3 planning enforcement officers. They tried to find a satisfactory solution and needed to decide if the development was harmful. They had been following the Council’s Planning Enforcement Policy since 2014.

He said that currently the Council is employing a conservation officer Alison Davidson for one day a week. They wish to engage a full time conservation officer, but the advertisement produced no suitable candidates. The post is being readvertised and it is unlikely that anyone will be in post until April.

Roger Brown gave a progress report on the Common Forum. It is all on their

We learnt that at last, the University is working on schemes for replacing the South Stoneham tower.

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