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Ladies & Gentlemen:

Interested in 9 holes of social golf? Teams of four to golf 9 holes (Texas Scramble Format) followed by a drink, at Southampton Municipal Course. This event will be fun if you’ve never picked up a club or you’re a scratch golfer. No clubs necessary.

Date and time – Sunday 7th September at 2.30pm.

Cost – £12 per head.

RSVP to Tim Savage at 93 Ethelburt Avenue by 27th July.

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Short Walk 1 – Through Bassett Wood

Short Walk 2 – From Stoneham Lane to the Crematorium

Short Walk 3 – The Southern Section of Monks Brook Greenway

Short Walk 4 – Through Riverside Park and the Marlhill Copse

Short Walk 5 – North Stoneham Church, through Home Wood to Bracken Hall (formerly Fred Woolley House).

Short Walk 6 – Circular route via the Wide Lane Playing Fields and Stoneham Lane.

Short Walk 7 – Skirts the Townhill Park House grounds and then returns via Mansbridge.

Short Walk 8 – Explore some local fields.

Short Walk 9 – Look at the sites considered for park-and-ride.

Short Walk 10 – Explore Shoreburs Greenway.

Short Walk 11 – Go through Avenue Park, Eastleigh and returns through Home Wood.

Short Walk 12 – Across the meadows of the Itchen Valley Country Park to the Visitors’ Centre.

Short Walk 13 – Through the Lordsdale Greenway.

Short Walk 14 – Trojans Sports Ground and Stoneham Golf Course

Short Walk 15 – To Glen Eyre, returning via Crabbe Lane

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Chairman: Ray George, 75 Bassett Green Rd
Secretary: Elizabeth Hudswell, 23 Leaside Way
Treasurer:Andy Sharvill

Street Representatives
Bassett Green Rd: Mike Farrelly, 59 Bassett Green Rd
Ethelburt Ave: Michelle Hickling, 100 Ethelburt Avenue
William Greene, 49 Ethelburt Ave
Field Close: Esther Bhullar, 12 Field Close
Leaside Way: Angela Gilbert, 18 Leaside Way
Stoneham Lane: Elizabeth Cox, 11 Stoneham Lane
Summerfield Gardens:Angela Cotton, 8 Summerfield Gdns

Tree Planting Sub-Committee
Robert Williams,74 Ethelburt Avenue
David Adams, 50 Ethelburt Avenue
Julian Ball, 65 Ethelburt Avenue
John Pointin, 67 Bassett Green Road

Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group
John Dixon, 34 Ethelburt Avenue (Repair Team Organiser)
Mark Farnell, 58 Ethelburt Avenue
Dan Hopgood, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
John Scoates, 38 Ethelburt Avenue
Noel Waterston, 59 Ethelburt Avenue
Rob Williams, 74 Ethelburt Avenue.

Non-Committee Representatives for Ethelburt Avenue
Una Chandler, 19 Ethelburt Avenue
Ruth Hopgood, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
Peter Martin, 52 Ethelburt Avenue

We thank the two members departing from the Committee, Gaye Dawkins and Peggy Gow for all their contributions. Gaye had been a committee member since 2001 and Peggy since 2004.

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After the formal business, we had a most interesting talk from Julie Ozwell, a director of Woodhill Properties Ltd. and daughter of Herbert Collins. Woodhill Properties is a small company whose shareholders are the descendants of the Collins family. Herbert regarded the houses as his creation and on Saturday mornings would drive round the estates. If he saw something that was not quite right, he would knock on doors. Herbert was a man of wide interests. He played the cello and held musical evenings. For holidays, they always went places with the best views for his sketching. For over 20 years, he was the local honorary secretary of the United Nations Association.

She defended selling properties leasehold as this provided protection to leaseholders. What would happen when Woodhill Properties faded away because the ground rents were not worth collecting? In the case of the Uplands Estate and Glebe Court, the freeholds have been transferred to trustees appointed by the residents associations.

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The Association’s AGM agreed by a large majority that the annual subscription for 2010 be £4 per household. This change, deferred from this year, is the first since HCERA was formed in 1990. If it had been in line with inflation, the increase would have been twice as large. Contrast this with Council Tax in Southampton. In 1993, when first introduced, it was £468 for Band D while in 2009/10 it is £1411.

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Swaythling Lawn Tennis Club will be holding a General Knowledge Quiz on Saturday 14 November at the Pavilion on the Park, Eastleigh starting at 7.30 p.m. This annual fund-raising event is open to anyone. Over the years it has gained a reputation for the standard of the quiz and the excellent supper which is included in the ticket price of £7. Please bring your own drink and glasses.

Tickets can be ordered by phoning Sue or John Green on 8067 1016 who will be pleased to give further information about the evening.

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Residents of Ethelburt Avenue will have noticed that the posts carrying the street nameplates have miraculously shortened. On Monday 5th October, the nameplates were cut down by contractors working for the City Council with a view to replacing them with ones in the new style of those on the public roads. Prompt action by Kaye Drake and Bob Currie prevented our nameplates being taken away for scrap and within the day the contractors had reinstalled them on what was left of the original posts. We are seeking compensation from the Council for this mistake so that they can be returned to the status quo ante.

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by Valerie Laurent

It was at the Midsummer Party that the crazy idea arrived, we were so enjoying the occasion: why not have another party on our green in Leaside Way at a later date? Lets get-together with our immediate neighbours. Plans were laid and a Sunday afternoon in September agreed upon. Invitations were printed and given, barbecues, china, tables and chairs borrowed and the sun shone making the green look very welcoming. Most important of all was the huge support the event received and it was wonderful to meet residents old and new and pass a happy few hours together. Tina Leng kindly organised children’s games before they tucked into the barbecue. Thanks are due to all those helpers, including Angela Gilbert for co-ordinating the event, Tracy and Robert Burns for lending their kitchen and barbecue, Steve Chalder and Anne Dempsey for their hard work and a lady from Cornwall, Helen Errington who came for a quiet weekend! Flowers for the tables were by Roger and Ella Lockett and many people kindly donated prizes for the raffle. Thank you to everyone for coming and making the day so enjoyable.

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This walk takes us through the Lordsdale Greenway. The walk itself will take under an hour. Including bus journeys this outing can be completed in about 2 hours.

Catch the U6H bus from outside Macdonald’s in High Road or the 7A (not Sundays or after early afternoon) from Stoneham Lane or Bassett Green Road. Alight at the first stop in Tremona Road, outside the General Hospital. Walk down Dale Road and find the entrance to the Lordsdale Greenway on the right, opposite Dale Valley Road. Follow the path and after reaching the children’s play area, cross Warren Avenue and enter Shirley Pond Park. Go along the path, past the north side of the pond. Exit through the gate beside the cycle track. Ahead, find the sign-posted entrance to the next section of the Lordsdale Greenway. You will eventually reach Coxford Road beside the (now closed) Bridge Tavern. On the opposite side of Coxford Road is the continuation of the greenway with a newly constructed footpath. At the end of this section, across Olive Road, the entrance is beside Coxford Community Centre. Pick up the footpath just behind the children’s play area. As you go along the path, eventually you will see the Princess Anne Maternity Hospital towering above you on your right hand side. Shortly after, the path ahead abruptly stops. Take the path to the right and exit into Springford Road. Go right, then right again and catch the U6C bus at the stop outside the Princess Anne Hospital or the 7A outside the General Hospital main entrance.

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