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Chairman: Ray George, 75 Bassett Green Rd


Secretary: Elizabeth Hudswell, 23 Leaside Way

Treasurer: Ellen Horton, 76 Bassett Green Rd

Street Representatives

Bassett Green Rd: Peggy Gow, 71 Bassett Green Rd

Ethelburt Ave: Michelle Hickling, 100 Ethelburt Avenue

William Greene, 49 Ethelburt Ave

Shelley Anderson

Field Close: Vacant

Leaside Way: Angela Gilbert, 18 Leaside Way

Stoneham Lane: Elizabeth Cox, 11 Stoneham Lane

Summerfield Gardens: Gaye Dawkins, 3 Summerfield Gdns

Tree Planting Sub-Committee

Robert Williams,74 Ethelburt Ave

David Adams, 50 Ethelburt Ave

Julian Ball, 65 Ethelburt Ave

Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group

John Dixon, 34 Ethelburt Avenue

(Repair Team Organiser )

Mark Farnell, 58 Ethelburt Avenue

John Scoates, 38 Ethelburt Avneue

Noel Waterston, 59 Ethelburt Avenue

Rob Williams, 74 Ethelburt Avenue.

Non-Committee Representatives for Ethelburt Avenue

Una Chandler,19 Ethelburt Ave

Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, 69 Ethelburt Ave

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Swaythling Lawn Tennis Club will be holding
a General Knowledge Quiz on Saturday 17th November at Chilworth
Village Hall (next to the Chilworth Arms) starting at 7.30. This annual
fund-raising event is open to anyone and over the years has gained a reputation
for the standard of the quiz and the excellent supper which is included in the
ticket price of

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Godfrey Collyer recently resigned from leading the Ethelburt Avenue Road
Improvement Group (RIG). He believes that it is time for some new blood to take
the RIG forward, with fresh ideas and more youthful limbs. Godfrey has led the
group with enthusiasm and vision from its inception over 4 years ago and he has
spent much time exploring various ways to improve the Avenue. All of us living
in Ethelburt owe Godfrey a big “Thank You” for all his efforts. Quite
how the RIG will function without his leadership is yet to be seen; but echoing
his thoughts, now is the time for a younger, fitter generation to jump in and
carry on the good work of maintaining and improving your Avenue.

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As many of you may be aware, through both the reports in the media and in the
HCERA newsletter, the former Liberal Democrat council proposed a plan to develop
a travellers’ transit site at Monks Brook close to the Bassett Green
Conservation area. Many residents from the Collins community have been involved
in the campaign and huge thanks go to Ray George for keeping the website up to
date with the issue. At this point, it is important to reiterate that this is
not the end of the story, we are still fighting to save this beautiful piece of
land. On Monday 17th September an application was sent to Hampshire County
Council and Southampton City Council to designate Monks Brook as a Village
Green. The land here has been used for recreational activities within the
community for many years and we hope that it can continue to be used for this
purpose. We agree the city needs amenities such as the transit site, however, we
believe there are many more appropriate ‘brown field’ sites that could
accommodate the proposal without the loss of an area of semi-rural woodland
which is precious to so many people in the local community.

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If you would like some daffodil or crocus bulbs to plant in the public areas
of the estate, please contact your street rep or send an email.

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At the AGM, it was agreed that we should again send a copy of the report form
with the Autumn Newsletter. During the year, a number of incidents of vandalism
and antisocial behaviour were reported on these forms. Remember to report all
incidents. Use the single non-emergency telephone number 101 as an
alternative to 999 for reporting less serious or anti-social offences to the
police. For the police you can still use 0845 045 4545 or the Anti-social
Behaviour Team on 0845 605 2222. If you wish to be anonymous you can
report to Crime Stoppers whose number is 0800 555 111.

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The group has met every month since January except during August. We have so
far read, and discussed 7 books, which we all read, from a wide range of
authors. We take it in turn to choose a book from a list issued very helpfully
by Portswood Library who also supply the books. This month we are each reading a
different book by Graham Greene, and next month we shall do the same but will
read a novel by Conrad.

We aim to keep ringing the changes, so that discussion is lively and
interesting. We finish the evening with a cup of tea and a biscuit, and usually
lots more discussion and exchange of ideas. We have so far eight members and
have room for a couple more. If you are interested in joining, you need to know
that we meet on the last Thursday in the month at 7.30 in Ethelburt Avenue . We
normally finish by about 9.15pm. Ring Peter Martin on 023 8032 2332
for more information.

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The Health Working Group of the North Neighbourhoods Partnership has been
focussing on the health and well-being of the over 50 age group. Some of you
received a questionnaire on what activities you would like to see offered
locally. Popular items were tai-chi, healthy walks, cinema clubs, pub lunches,
courses on IT and family history.

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The wet summer has produced vigorous growth of our herbaceous plants. But we
can have too much of a good thing and this autumn we will be breaking up clumps
and thinning out seedlings. Don’t just put them in the green bag, participate
in a plant swap. Send HCERA an email about what you have to offer (you can also
include a wish list), or tell your street rep.

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After the formal business of the AGM, Paul Cambell arrived in his fire engine
from St Mary’s Fire Station to give a talk on fire safety in the home. He said
that the most common cause of fires in the home is smoking, followed by cooking
and electrical fires. Chip pans and adapters on electrical sockets came in for
particular criticism. The most common time for a fire is during the night when
people are in bed. It is a mistake for one person to go down stairs to explore,
every one should go down together and leave the house.

Accompanying this newsletter is a form for a home fire safety visit from
firemen. The visit includes free supply and fitting of a smoke alarm with a 10
year battery life, advice on fire safety and what to do in the event of fire
etc. If you would like a visit, which is available to everybody, please complete
the accompanying form and return it to your street rep

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