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You may recently have seen your house being photographed. The City Council are in the middle of a survey of the estate and have noticed several infractions of the Design Guidance. The only reason they have not dealt with the infractions noted so far is because of their workload and the time it takes to work out what has changed since the last survey.

Note that the Design Guidance for the Ethelburt Avenue (Bassett Green Estate) Conservation Area is included in the Welcome Packs for new residents which are available from Street Reps. It can also be found on
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Woodhill Properties Ltd., 41 Park Road, Southampton, SO15 3AW, have produced a circular about their policy on alterations and how to apply for their permission. There will normally be a fee of

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The public enquiry on the Local Plan is now underway. The part of the Plan on the Strategic Gap and Park-and-Ride at Stoneham will be dealt with at Session 3 early in the new year. The deadline for further written representations (only from existing objectors, not new ones) is 9th December. To strengthen our case, you are invited to let me have supporting arguments which can be added to our representations.

Documents relevant to the Local Plan can be viewed at Local Services Reception, Ground Floor, Civic Centre.
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On this walk we explore some local fields. The walk takes about one hour.

Go along Leaside Way to St George=s School and along the footpath to the right of the school entrance. You will see that the new hall has been completed. Go into the second playing field behind the school. The field on your right has recently been fenced but there are two gaps. You will find one about half way along the fence. Follow the path around the M27 side of the field out into Stoneham Lane. Go under the M27 and turn into the road leading to the Trojans= Club. Just past the Trojans’ Club, cross Therapeutics car park, and walk along the bank by the astroturf pitch. The route round this playing field skirts the south side of the Eastleigh and District Angling Club pond. Exit the field into the road and return to Stoneham Lane. After passing under the M27, go over the stile on the left and walk clockwise around this now disused playing field. When you reach the Stoneham Lane side, about 50 yards from the south end find a path that leads through a gate into the lane and return home.
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We have recently received a letter from Mrs Knight the headteacher of St George’s School.

She tells us they are currently working on a bid to become a specialist school in both engineering and humanities. Part of the bid has to relate to service to the community. Currently they are considering trying to develop a local/oral history group but there is also a possibility of setting up environmental projects. They can also set up classes in e.g. ICT.

She would welcome an opportunity to discuss what the Residents Association considers valuable for the local community.

We are inviting Mrs Knight to our next committee meeting. We would like to have your ideas, so tell your street rep or send an email.

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Chairman Dr Ray George
75 Bassett Green Rd,
8055 6056

Mrs Nicky Evans
29 Leaside Way
8067 9990

Secretary :
Mr Steven Mackenzie
96 Ethelburt Ave
8055 5701

Treasurer :
Mrs Ellen Horton
76 Bassett Green Rd
8067 6062

Street Representatives:
Bassett Green Rd:
Mr Mark Mellett
53 Bassett Green Rd
8055 3212

Ethelburt Ave:
Mr Andy & Mrs Michelle Fisher
95 Ethelburt Avenue
Mrs Michelle Hickling
100 Ethelburt Avenue
8055 4348

Field Close:

Leaside Way:
Mrs Angela Gilbert
18 Leaside Way
8067 2766

Stoneham Lane:
Mrs Claire Buckley
33 Stoneham Lane
8055 3448

Summerfield Gardens:
Mrs Gaye Dawkins
3 Summerfield Gdns,
8055 7580

Tree Planting Sub-Committee:
Mr Robert Williams
74 Ethelburt Ave
Mr David Adams
50 Ethelburt Ave

Ethelburt Avenue Repair Sub-Committee:
See the article below.

Non-Committee Representatives for Ethelburt Avenue:
Mrs Una Chandler
19 Ethelburt Ave
Mr Daniel Leech-Wilkinson
69 Ethelburt Avenue
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At the Association’s AGM on 15th September, the Chairman reported on the activities in the past year, the audited accounts were approved and the meeting agreed that the subscription should remain at

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by Godfrey Collyer

Following the recent HCERA AGM, the Ethelburt Avenue Repair Sub-Committee has the following members:

Mike Bull, 11 Ethelburt Avenue
John Caunt, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
Godfrey Collyer, 2 Ethelburt Ave (joint chair)
Chris Law, 9 Ethelburt Avenue (joint chair)
Steven Mackenzie, 96 Ethelburt Avenue
Rob Williams, 74 Ethelburt Avenue

At the first meeting, it was agreed that a long-term plan for both the improvement and maintenance of the road needed to be developed in consultation with the owners of the property on the Avenue.

During October, the sub-committee will write to all the residents in Ethelburt Avenue enclosing a questionnaire seeking their views with regard to the improvement and maintenance of the road. These replies, together with Local Authority, legal, and leasehold obligations will inform the development of a long term plan and its implementation.
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After the formal business of the AGM, beat officers PC John Alderson and PC Rob Jones answered questions put to them by residents.

PC Alderson said they were understaffed. On Beat Five, there will be 4 officers soon. But Beat Five runs from The Swan at Mansbridge to the top of the Flower Estate. It is so big they have to drive round. Foot patrols are not feasible.

He said that 10 to 20 people in the Flower Roads are prolific offenders. But one had recently been sentenced to 3 years and another 6 months. They needed to get on top of this group. Young people have to commit very serious offences before they get locked up. The amount of paperwork is horrendous; to arrest a juvenile takes most of the day.

When asked what we can do to help the police, PC Alderson said that identification was their main problem. So provide as much information as you can. It is worth reporting every minor thing by ringing 0845 0454545. If nothing is reported there will be less staff. Everything reported will be given a crime number. If a lot is reported, then someone will say “Let’s do something about it”.
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A perfect summer=s day contributed to making the Association=s party a most enjoyable event.

Ken Hickling was a very able BBQ chef and was assisted by Angela Gilbert.
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