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January, 1991

Dear Resident,


I am pleased to be able to report that the first Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on 29th October last, which was well attended and as a consequence it was felt that the Association could be formally established.

You may recollect that the Steering Committee distributed a questionnaire before the AGM. The results of which were presented to the AGM and attached to this letter is a summary of that questionnaire for your information.

The proposed Rules and Constitution of the Association were similarly presented at the AGM and were formally adopted. I attach a copy of them to this letter.

As I am sure you will appreciate, to ensure an active organisation the membership of the Association must be developed and I would hope that you will now wish to become a member of the Association. The annual subscription of £3. per member per year was agreed at the AGM unanimously. I am sure you will realise that the Association can only perform its functions properly if it has an adequate membership from the area it covers and is adequately funded.

A number of matters of concern were raised at the AGM and the elected Committee have set to work actively to look into such matters, for example local authority grants/funding; neighbourhood watch scheme; street lighting and liaising with various organisations which might be of mutual benefit.

Your Conmittee will consider any other matter which you would wish to raise and I set out below your street representative who can be contacted by you :

Stoneham lane Fred Gardner, 11 Stoneham Lane Tel. 585294
Leaside Way Sarah Day, 20 Leaside Way Tel. 552957
Bassett Green Rd/Field Close Steve Clark, 65 Bassett Green Road Tel.671413
Ethelburt Avenue Phil Ward, 52 Ethelburt Avenue Tel. 584410 &
Alec Poore, 89 Ethelburt Avenue Tel. 555127
Bramdean Road/ Pine Drive East Tony Smith, 8 Pine Drive East Tel.463184.

A newsletter will be distributed shortly setting out what your Committee has done together with, we hope, useful information.

Yours sincerely,


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