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We are hoping to be able to hold Open Gardens Day this year. So the big question is who is prepared to open their garden? Email HCERA to tell us. The chosen date is Sunday 27th June. Summer bedding plants should be riot of colour

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We intend to hold the Summer Party and BBQ on Saturday 10th July. We hope to have a bouncy castle, although they are not taking bookings yet. By that time, we should have passed the last step out of look-down, but we will still need to be careful.

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Robert Williams has agreed to allow us to digitise his informative book about the life and work of Herbert Collins. When this has been done, it will be placed on the HCERA website under “Welcome” on the menu.

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We are starting the collection of the 2021 annual subscription of £5 for the Residents Association and the £30 Road Repair Fund for Ethelburt Avenue. We want to complete the collection well before the end of HCERA’s accounting year of 31st August. No cheques please, so we hope everyone who can will use electronic payment.Include street and house number in the reference e.g. EA32.There is no time like the present to get this done.

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The results the RIG survey of Ethelburt Avenue residents can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking RIG Survey 2021 Results


The Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group is asking for the views of Ethelburt Avenue residents about the state of the road and how we should manage its maintenance. The last HCERA survey was in 2007.

The survey questionnaire can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking hcRIG 2021 survey

Please return your responses by 19th March.

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Chairman:     Ray George     75 Bassett Green Road

Secretary:    Kirsty Taylor     29 Stoneham Lane

Treasurer:    Sue Kench     82 Bassett Green Road

Street Representatives
Bassett Green Road:    Mike Farrelly    59 Bassett Green Road
Ethelburt Avenue:    Verity Robson    32 Ethelburt Avenue          Robert Williams    74 Ethelburt Avenue
Field Close:    Elizabeth German    7 Field Close
Leaside Way:    Valerie Laurent    43 Leaside Way
Stoneham Lane:    Kirsty Taylor    29 Stoneham Lane
Summerfield Gardens:    Angela Cotton    8 Summerfield Gardens

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by Verity Robson

Hello everyone. I am Verity Robson and I have lived on Ethelburt with my young family for the past 5 years. I put myself forward for the EA street rep position at the last AGM and have taken over from Anne Dempsey. I am keen to know more about the Committee and the decisions it makes and will also be helping out with collecting subs. I would like to make sure there is a diverse range of views represented, so if you have anything you want to raise with me please reach me via the HCERA email address or the facebook page. I am ‘VJ Robson’ on facebook.

Many thanks go to Anne for all her efforts over the past 10 years.

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by Sue Kench

At the AGM, there were a number of treasurer related matters agreed that I would like to share.

The main decision was that from 2021, Street Reps will no longer be accepting cheques for payment of road maintenance (Ethelburt residents) and general subs (all). There are a few reasons including that the Burgess Road Barclays Bank branch will close in February 2021 and that taking cheques to be banked is time consuming and often done only when a number of cheques make the trip feasible. Additionally, in light of the pandemic, unnecessary handling of paper / cash should be avoided. I would ask that everyone pays their annual subs/road maintenance by bank transfer. The second matter was that subs will remain at £5 for 2021 and Ethelburt Road Maintenance contribution at £30. While we suspended collection of subs for 2020 for Covid related reasons, there were still ongoing costs. Annual subs / road maintenance for 2021 are due before 31st August 2021.

Any questions or concerns, please speak with your street rep or send me an email via hcera.

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