About 40 residents attended the 2021 HCERA AGM at St George’s School on 19th October. The Chairman reported a successful year, with all the usual events of Carols, Open Gardens Day and Summer Party. Denise Fenwick and Nicola Farnell were confirmed as secretary and treasurer and existing Committee members reappointed. Benjamin Davey was also elected as an additional street rep for Ethelburt Avenue. The membership subscription is to remain at £5.
In his report on the Road Improvement Group, Dan Hopgood asked that the Road Repair Contribution increase to £35 to protect the reserves and this was agreed.

Andy Fisher’s report on the Tree Committee gave an opportunity to raise a resident’s unhappiness with the pine trees in the corner of the Large Green in Ethelburt Avenue. Andy said Abri are responsible for these trees but that upon receipt of written complaints, he would liaise with Abri. It is likely that any potential danger would be a concern, but nuisance from pine needles and sap dropping on cars would not be.

John Green said that the Company was preparing for a meeting of members in Feb/March. In the meantime, the directors were producing a draft of the new management policy. John also explained that the Company intended to involve members in its work.

In AOB, the question was raised of the chairman of the Residents Association being a director of the Company. Was there a conflict of interest? Dan Hopgood suggested it was the other way round: Why are all residents not Company members? HCERA had set up a company because a company can be the legal owner of land.

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