by John Green, Director

After what has been a rather protracted and tortuous process, the sale of the land being disposed of by Woodhill Properties Limited is about to be completed. Herbert Collins Estates Limited will then be the new owner of the freehold of all the properties subject to long leases and the freeholder of the privately maintained roads and greens, including the tennis courts, within the Conservation Area. We will be collecting the ground rents from 29th September 2019.

The Company will be contacting residents who agreed to make a contribution once we are clear about the total cost, including legal and land registration fees.

The aim of Herbert Collins Estates Limited is to manage the land in a manner that preserves or enhances the amenity of the Conservation Area and supports the activities of the Herbert Collins Estates Residents’ Association. We will now be working out how we are best able to implement this, but in the meantime the Company will adopt the policy of Woodhill Properties regarding applications for alterations. Enquiries should now be directed to the registered office of the Company at 75 Bassett Green Road, SO16 3DW. email.

As a reminder, if your property is leasehold, the terms of the lease require any proposed alterations to be notified and approved by Herbert Collins Estates Limited before any work is started. Where the freehold has been purchased there are also restrictive covenants (in largely similar terms to those in the leases) requiring approval for alterations in order to maintain the architectural character of the Estate. Company approval is of course in addition to the statutory requirements of the Government and Local Authority.

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