by Ray George

I recently had a problem with my broadband and this set me wondering how we compare with the slowest broadband in the country. That prize goes to Greenmeadows Park, Bamfurlong, Gloucestershire which averaged just 0.14 megabits per second (Mb). Putting our post codes into gives phone-line broadband average (av) or up to (ut) speeds:

SO16 3DD   7.1Mb (av)        SO16 3DE    4.9 Mb (av)
SO16 3DF   7.2 Mb (av)       SO16 3DG    7.3Mb (av)
SO16 3DN   5.5Mb (av)        SO16 3DP    1.5 Mb (av)
SO16 3DR   3Mb (ut)            SO16 3DU    3.1Mb (av)
SO16 3DW   2.7Mb (av)        SO16 3DX   3Mb (av)
SO16 3DY   3Mb (av)            SO16 3DZ   3.2Mb (av)
SO16 2NN   6Mb (ut)            SO16 2NU   6.9Mb (av)

You can also have a speed test for your own broadband on the same website.

Don’t be misled by “up to” which means consistently available to at least 10% of the users of that service.

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