A well attended AGM took place on 30th October at St George’s School. As well as all the usual chores of an AGM, John Green reported on the Company. He said that acquiring the Estate from Woodhill Properties was taking much longer than we had expected. Recently, a draft contract had been received and the directors were carefully checking the details. The AGM agreed they wanted to appoint a director, who will be Ben Whinnett.

We ran out of time and the last item on the agenda was omitted, so if anyone had been desperate to raise a matter under Any Other Business, please tell us about it by email.

Then followed a most interesting talk by Phoebe Merrick on the Romsey Remount Depot. She followed the progress of the over 600,000 horses and mules imported from North America, from their purchase at sale rings, to their arrival in the UK. Those arriving at Romsey were put in isolation for a couple of days and then allowed to recover from the journey for at least 2 weeks. They were then shod, given regular grooming, exercised and trained for military service. When ready, they were led to Southampton Docks and shipped to France.

On display at the AGM was the near final draft of the Swaythling Remount Depot Memorial sign.

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