by Ray George

Herbert Collins Estates Limited was incorporated on 9th October 2017. Company number 11003580 is a company limited by guarantee. It has members not shareholders. Each member guarantees £10, which only has to be paid if the company becomes insolvent.

The rules by which the company is run are its Articles of Association. These articles are the model articles for a private company limited by guarantee with additional and amended provisions.
These additions and amendments can be seen at

To allay fears that the company might make exorbitant charges for consent to make alterations, one of the articles says: “The company may not exploit for monetary gain the granting of consents required under the covenants, but this shall not prevent the company making a small charge.
All owners in the Conservation Area and Summerfield Gardens are entitled to be members. Other residents may be admitted by the directors.

The company and the residents’ association are separate organisations, but the Articles of Association establish several links. One of these is the right of the HCERA annual general meeting to appoint a director for 3 years, each year.

At the AGM, a number of people were proposed to be directors. Our Catch 22 is that to be a director you must be a member and to appoint members you must have a quorum of directors. Fortunately, both Hilary Crane and John Dixon were proposed at the AGM and are founding company members, so I can and therefore have appointed them as directors, thus allowing us to move forward.

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