The Association’s AGM took place on Tuesday 10th October at St George’s School. The importance of this meeting was reflected by the record attendance of about sixty people. The chairman thanked Una Chandler for delivering Newsletters etc for many years in Ethelburt Avenue, but she has now had to give this up. Fortunately several people volunteered to do this. Richard Ross, of number 9, filled the vacancy as street rep for Field Close. The regular items on the agenda were disposed of very quickly with nothing raised even under any other business.

We then passed on to what everyone had come for. The second part was very professionally conducted by Ken Hickling and comprised questions asked by the members and answered by the Freehold Acquisition Working Party: Hilary Crane, John Dixon, Ray George and Brian Johnston. Michelle Hickling did a remarkable job capturing everything on a flip chart. This is presented in the supplement that follows this Newsletter. At the end, a resolution “Herbert Collins Estates Limited should acquire Woodhill Properties Limited’s interest in the Estate and in other land, subject to contract” was passed unanimously with no abstentions.

For information, the “other land” referred to in the resolution is property leased for 999 years at Thornhill, Southampton and represents about 20% of the total ground rent income. Woodhill Properties Limited gave us no option but include this in our acquisition.

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