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Herbert Collins Estates Ltd has recently had a tree survey by an arboricultural consultant. This covered all the land in the Conservation Area for which it owns the freehold and not leased to anyone else. The result has been reassuring as trees which appeared healthy to us have passed inspection. As we know, a number of cherry trees in Ethelburt Avenue are on their last legs and this is reflected in the report. Our two ash trees have ash dieback, Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, but only one of them is recommended to be felled. The HCERA Trees Committee will be taking forward the recommended work.

Please water the young trees in this very hot and dry weather. It would also help if the soil around the tree was loosened with a fork, so the water does not just run off.

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On 3rd May 2022, Ben Whinnett resigned as a director because of business and family commitments. We very much appreciate all his hard work and enthusiasm during three and a half years. We are pleased that he is willing to still help with collecting ground rents.

The Directors appointed Timothy Williams as a new director on 12th July. Tim has lived at 103 Ethelburt Avenue for the past 10 years.

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by Angela Cotton

We were pleased to learn that the Boundary Commission has recommended keeping the whole of our estate within Swaythling. The proposed ward boundary would be similar to the current one, but extended a few roads further south into what is now Portswood. The consultation closed on 18th July and we hope there will be no major changes to the proposals for our ward.

The Boundary Commission said “There was widespread opposition for the proposal to include Leaside Way Estate in Bassett ward. Those that responded stated that this proposal would break significant community ties between the Leaside Way Estate and Ethelburt Avenue, noting the estate’s presence in the Bassett Green Conservation Area and Herbert Collins Estates Residents’ Association. The submissions provided supporting evidence which demonstrated community ties. …. We propose to maintain Leaside Way and surrounding streets in Swaythling ward.”

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Among the parties, one was for all residents on 5th June on the large green. Three on 4th June were local. One, organised by Sue Green, was on the green in Bassett Green Road, another on the green in Leaside Way and one in Summerfield Gardens.


by Angela Cotton

On May 24th, around 70 Collins home owners from the Bassett Green and Highfield estates attended the meeting at the Highfield Church Centre on “Preparing your Herbert Collins Home for its low carbon Future”. We heard from Laura Wilson of Community Energy South and Gary Wilburn of the Association for Environment Conscious Building on the topics of energy efficiency projects and retrofitting. It is hoped to form a group from across the estates to share knowledge and ideas and identify options and suppliers, with a view to avoiding expensive and possibly damaging mistakes, and to select the most effective solutions available. If you’d like to know more or to get involved please contact Roger Munford at

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Thank you to Michelle and Ken Hickling and Mark for the BBQ, Arianna Applin for face painting and Verity Robson for organising the children’s games.

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The first Members Meeting of Herbert Collins Estates Ltd was held via Zoom on 10th May. An attendance of only 18 was very disappointing. The meeting was chaired by John Green. John Dixon presented the results of the questionnaire that was completed by residents. These results informed the draft new policy on alterations which Ray George presented. The Company could not simply adopt the majority view on everything as there were other considerations, in particular that “It is an object of the Company to exercise the rights and powers granted by ownership of the land in a manner that preserves or enhances the amenity of the area”. It was not the intention to have the meeting adopt or amend the draft but to take away what was said and work on a revised draft. John Green led a discussion on how members could help the Company. Volunteers are invited to email . For example, there is a need for a clerical assistant. A project which needs volunteers is an “Estate Survey” so we have a record of what is there now and is updated as changes are made.

The HCERA Committee has expressed dismay at the lack of interest reflected in the low attendance. They want to emphasise the consequences if the Company folded through lack of support and the Estate was taken over by a commercial company. These might include huge fees for consent for alterations, loss of control over the appearance of the Estate and who knows what else.

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by Nicola Farnell, HCERA Treasurer

Don’t forget to pay your HCERA annual subscription (£5) and, if living in Ethelburt Avenue, the Road Maintenance Contribution (£35) in total £40. Pay HCERA, put house number and road in the reference. It would greatly help if this was done now, so that street reps do not have to spend their precious time knocking on your door.

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