Short Walk 2

Since the construction of the M27, it is no longer possible to walk from Stoneham Lane, across the playing fields, through Hardmore Copse and then to emerge near the Stoneham Golf Course club-house . Today we follow a portion of this route. If we are lucky we will see some deer. We start by going along Stoneham Lane towards Eastleigh. Just after the houses end, on the left hand side, there is a large metal gate. Enter the sports field here and walk parallel to the road to the line of trees that marks the boundary with the next sports field. Go into the next field and walk along this boundary. On the western side of this field you will find a gap into the field beyond. (We are now in a sports field behind St George’s School. You could also reach this point by going to St George’s School in Leaside Way and taking the footpath to the left, beside the entrance gates). You will notice a very high fence that prevents balls getting on to the motorway. About ten yards in from the end of this fence you will find a path into the woods. Follow the path, which goes though an area of gorse. When you reach more open woodland, the path disappears. Continue in roughly the same direction. To your right, you will hear and catch glimpses of the motorway traffic. Eventually you will come to a chain link fence. This marks the boundary of the crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance. Follow the fence in the direction towards the motorway. The fence will turn a corner and soon become a barbed wire fence which has some convenient holes. This allows you to pass though and descend to one of the gravel paths which will lead you to the crematorium car park and then out into Bassett Green Road.

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