Short Walk 11

This walk goes through Avenue Park, Eastleigh and returns through Home Wood. The walk takes about one and a half hours.

Go along Stoneham Lane to St Nicolas Church. To avoid walking along the road, enter the field on the west side around the gate just after the last bungalow. When you reach the motorway, leave the field and go through the underpass. Immediately past St Nicolas Church, turn left into the side road. Just opposite the turnoff to the farmhouse, you will see a stile on your right that is the start of a public right of way. Go over the stile and walk straight ahead across the fields to the trees in the distance. This is Avenue Park. There is a display board giving the history. Notice the clumps of mistletoe in the bare branches at this time of year. The path bends to the left and emerges into Chestnut Avenue. Go west and between the turnoff to the Golf Academy and the traffic lights you will find a footpath. (You could end your walk here by turning right at the traffic lights and catching the number 2 bus back to Swaythling from the stop a little way up Nightingale Avenue.) The path goes straight through Home Wood until it terminates at a T-junction with another path. Turning right would lead to the Chilworth Roundabout (see Short Walks, Number 5), but turn left. When the path emerges onto the road, again turn left and so return to St Nicolas Church.

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