Short Walk 10

This walk starts and ends with a bus journey and explores Shoreburs Greenway, one of the delightful green areas within the City boundaries. The walk itself takes about one and a half hours

Take the number 11 or 11a bus from Bassett Green Road to Woolston. From the bus station go down the hill to the traffic lights and turn left into Victoria Road.

When you reach the shore, just before the Southampton Sailing Club, cross Jurd’s Lake car park and follow the path of the “Golden Jubilee Butterfly Walk”.

The path continues across Archery Road and after a few yards, you take a sharp left turn. The path descends and then rises to a small clearing with a giant oak tree.
Take the right-most path which passes in front of the oak. At the footbridge, cross to the east side of the stream and fork left. Continue in a northerly direction along the path beside the stream until you emerge into Portsmouth Road.

Go along Spring Road through the railway arch and you will notice Miller’s Pond on your right.
Follow the tarmac path to the right, in front the pond. Where the tarmac ends continue straight on until you come out into Botany Bay Road.

Turn left and a few yards along the road, enter the footpath on your right and continue ever in a north-easterly direction. There is one road to cross, South East Road, but continue on.

When you come to the children’s play area, with swings and slides, cross to the west side of the stream and follow the tarmac path to the north. Do not recross the stream when the tarmac path crosses, but continue on the grass. You will need to be on this side of the stream to exit into Bursledon Road, which you will eventually reach via a limestone scalping path. Walk along the road towards Southampton. Just past the third turning on the left, North East Road (from which your bus will come), there is a bus stop.

Catch the number 6 bus back to Swaythling. Buses depart at about 5 minutes to the hour until 16.58 (not Sundays, so take a bus to the City Centre).

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