Short Walk 1

Our first walk takes us through Bassett Wood. It may come as a surprise that such a large area of woodland is hidden amongst the housing estates.
We start by walking along Bassett Green Road past the Stoneham Arms, past the entrance to Bassett Green Village and then take the next turning into Bassett Green Close. We take the left fork at no. 57. On reaching house no.1, the road runs into Bassett Green Drive. This curves to the left and ends at no. 27 where it becomes a foot and cycle path leading to Spindlewood Close. About 30 yards along, there is a track descending into the wood. We follow this meandering track through Bassett Wood, which divides and rejoins several times, until we see a high wooden fence in front of us. Here the path to the left crosses a stream on a small bridge. This leads to Bassett Green Village. In the other direction, the path, called Crabbe Lane, leads to Glen Eyre Hall. We go straight ahead along a wooden walkway and soon find ourselves at the western edge of Daisy Dip Recreation Ground. We cross the first tarmac path which leads to Bassett Green Village, turn left on to the second and soon reach Carnation Road. This leads out to Lobelia Road and tuning left brings us back to our starting point.

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