Short Walks

Short Walk 1 – Through Bassett Wood

Short Walk 2 – From Stoneham Lane to the Crematorium

Short Walk 3 – The Southern Section of Monks Brook Greenway

Short Walk 4 – Through Riverside Park and the Marlhill Copse

Short Walk 5 – North Stoneham Church, through Home Wood to Bracken Hall (formerly Fred Woolley House).

Short Walk 6 – Circular route via the Wide Lane Playing Fields and Stoneham Lane.

Short Walk 7 – Skirts the Townhill Park House grounds and then returns via Mansbridge.

Short Walk 8 – Explore some local fields.

Short Walk 9 – Look at the sites considered for park-and-ride.

Short Walk 10 – Explore Shoreburs Greenway.

Short Walk 11 – Go through Avenue Park, Eastleigh and returns through Home Wood.

Short Walk 12 – Across the meadows of the Itchen Valley Country Park to the Visitors’ Centre.

Short Walk 13 – Through the Lordsdale Greenway.

Short Walk 14 – Trojans Sports Ground and Stoneham Golf Course

Short Walk 15 – To Glen Eyre, returning via Crabbe Lane

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