Approval of the final draft prepared by Aicha Laroussi, Legal Services, of the letter to the Secretary of State seeking amendments to the new Article 4 Direction is delayed. This is due to illness of Kevin White, the Conservation Officer.

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Chairman: Ray George, 75 Bassett Green Rd
Secretary: Elizabeth Cox, 11 Stoneham Lane
Treasurer: Geoffrey Williams, 31 Stoneham Lane

Street Representatives
Bassett Green Rd: Mike Farrelly, 59 Bassett Green Rd
Ethelburt Ave: Michelle Hickling, 100 Ethelburt Avenue
                           Anne Dempsey, 66 Ethelburt Avenue
                           Robert Williams, 74 Ethelburt Avenue
Field Close: Vacant
Leaside Way: Valerie Laurent, 43 Leaside Way
Stoneham Lane: Elizabeth Cox,11 Stoneham Lane
Summerfield Gardens: Angela Cotton, 8 Summerfield Gardens

Tree Planting Sub-Committee
Robert Williams,74 Ethelburt Avenue
Julian Ball, 65 Ethelburt Avenue
Peter Coxon, 55 Basset Green Road
Peggy Gow, 71 Bassett Green Road

Ethelburt Avenue Road Improvement Group
Dan Hopgood, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
Godfrey Collyer, 2 Ethelburt Avenue
John Scoates, 38 Ethelburt Avenue
Mark Farnell, 58 Ethelburt Avenue
Noel Waterston, 59 Ethelburt Avenue
Rob Williams, 74 Ethelburt Avenue
John Dixon, 34 Ethelburt Avenue (Repair Team Organiser, Tel:8055 0064 )

Non-Committee Representatives for Ethelburt Avenue
Una Chandler, 19 Ethelburt Avenue
Ruth Hopgood, 18 Ethelburt Avenue
Anne Howard, 76 Ethelburt Avenue

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Michelle Hickling and Michelle Fisher took over running this event at short notice. Over 100 adults attended, plus children; the weather was fine and not cold. After meeting expenses for the band and the lights, £70.45 was sent to the Southampton Branch of the MS Society. We would like to thank both Michelles, Tim and Jacqui Williams for all their help and providing batteries, Laurence and Louise Fellick for the carol sheets, Mark and Josephine Wakeling for the gazebo.

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The Swaythling Lawn Tennis Club Annual Quiz Night will be held on Friday 3rd February 2017 at the Pavilion on the Park, Eastleigh. Doors open at 7.00 pm for a prompt 7.30 pm start. Entry, which must be booked in advance, is £8 per person and includes a ploughman’s supper. Please bring your own drinks, glasses, and nibbles. Teams can be up to 6 people, but those not already part of a team can be allocated to one on the night. There will be a raffle during the evening, and contributions for prizes will be gratefully received.

For further details, and to book a place, phone John Green on 8067 1016.

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The Annual General Meeting of HCERA was held on the 15th November. Debbie Smith announced that she would not be seeking re-election as secretary, due to pressure of other activities. Debbie had been an excellent secretary for over five years. Fortunately, she was able to nominate her successor Liz Cox. Liz is also remaining as the Street Rep for Stoneham Lane. During the year, Rob Angell resigned as street rep for Field Close because his work takes him away so often. He is still happy to deliver Newsletters etc. There is a vacancy for Field Close Street Rep.

The Treasurer, Geoffrey Williams, presented the accounts. The meeting decided to leave the annual subscription unchanged at £4 and the Ethelburt Avenue Maintenance contribution unchanged at £30 in 2017. Martin Robinson was appointed honorary auditor. It is expected that a summary of the audited accounts will be included in the Spring Newsletter.

Following the formal business, John Fish gave a most interesting illustrated talk on the Swaythling Remount Depot. Its main function was the reception of horses and their despatch to the front. Eventually it was able to hold 1500 horses.

Horses being despatched in World War I

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by Ray George

The big event for this conservation area, since the last Newsletter, has been the consultation on the new Article 4 Direction. Thirty five people made representations and thirty four were objections. As a result, in the report to Cabinet, members were told that “on the front and side elevation” would be added to the three paragraphs on porches, hard surfaces and chimneys etc. There was however no movement on buildings, such as sheds etc.

So I thought that I should ask to speak at the Cabinet when it met on 20th December. I had also prepared a sheet of paper for each cabinet member. Immediately after I had spoken, the Conservation Officer, Kevin White, was asked to reply. Needless to say, what I had said was knocked down. I had expected a discussion by the Cabinet, but to my surprise, nobody said a word. It appears this is how Cabinet works. Each member has a portfolio and makes the decision. For this, the decision belongs to the Leader, Councillor Letts. He said he would confirm the Article 4 Direction, but it could be amended. He also said I could have a meeting with him and the head of legal services.

So recently, I and another Committee member, Anne Dempsey, went to the Civic Centre. Councillor Letts came and collected us from Reception and took us to a room where the two other people present were the Conservation Officer, Kevin White, and the Legal Officer, Aicha Laroussi who is dealing with the Article 4 Direction. Simon Letts said he proposed to go though the points I had presented to Cabinet and as a result of which there had been amendments. The first was a purely technical one, namely to delete paragraph (b). The second was the paragraph on buildings e.g. sheds. I presented my proposals, but Councillor Letts said he was advised by his Conservation Officer; it was needed to control inappropriate development and any change was refused. To help preserve the privet hedges, an amendment would be made in respect of fences in front gardens. I said the proposed amendment was too wide, and after some discussion, I believe the amendment will be “on the front and side elevation”. No other suggestions for amendments were accepted. I learnt that the Secretary of State will be asked to modify the Article 4 Direction.

As you will all be aware the Article 4 Direction says:
(e) The provision, within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse of a building, enclosure, swimming or other pool required for a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house…

But in the report to Cabinet it says:
“Permission is not, and has never been required for the erection of a garden shed.” You may think that this is simply a blatant lie. As a law abiding citizen, you read the Article 4 Direction, see that you need Planning Permission and apply for it. Fortunately, there will be no fee for this. You may not realise that it is not an offence to carry out such development without planning permission. You are unlikely to get far, if you start to build a house without planning permission, but you are being told you are pretty safe, if you build a shed. You will however be in breach of Planning Control. You are unlikely to have those awfully nice people from the Council’s Enforcement Service banging on your door, if there is no significant harm to amenity. The Council has a policy on planning enforcement, see

Please share your experiences about Planning, or if you have not already done so, your representation on the Article 4 Direction, by emailing them to us.

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It is not too late to pay any outstanding payments for 2016 in Ethelburt Avenue. Please put a £30 cheque through your street rep’s door at 100 Ethelburt Avenue, plus a note with your address.

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E.R. Wright & Son, “Craftsmen in Glass”

for restoring leaded lights, such as in some doors etc. Tel: 023 8022 3334. Website: //

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The deadline for the consultation on the new Article 4 Direction covering this Conservation Area is 21 November 2016.

Here are links to documents sent to all residents in the Conservation Area by Southampton City Council.

Notice of Article 4 Direction

Letter sent to residents with the Article 4 Direction

The Article 4 Direction

Some residents have shared with us their representations to the Council and the responses

Chairman’s letter to residents concerning the Article 4 Direction

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