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by Barbara Cooke

At the Round About Café at Westfield Corner, we’ve been exploring our local history over the past few months and some of you may well have joined us to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D Day and the centenary of the start of the First World War.

We’ve been fascinated to discover more about the local area’s rich heritage. It’s surprising how little is known about some aspects of our local history, especially in relation to its links with WW1. This has prompted us to get together with a number of local individuals and organisations who have expressed an interest in raising awareness of our heritage through exciting community projects.

Initial discussions have centred around the Swaythling Remount Depot which was situated on the North Stoneham Estate from 1914-1920. It made a huge contribution to the supply of horses to the Front Line. Other aspects of WW1 heritage are equally as fascinating and equally hidden.

We are currently preparing to submit a bid for funding to the Lottery Heritage Fund to give the local community an opportunity to get involved in raising the profile of the area and ensuring that our rich heritage is recorded for future generations.

On Friday 7th November, we’re holding a drop-in at the Round About Café between 1.30pm and 3.30pm where you can find out a bit more about our ideas for the project and share any ideas you might have. If you know anyone who has any memories or stories specifically about the Remount Depot or the local area during WW1, we would love to hear from you.

On 9th November
, Harry Willis Fleming will be giving a talk about the Remount Depot at the SeaCity Museum in Southampton 3-4pm. Tickets cost £5 which includes entry to the Soldiers’ Journey exhibition.†

For more information, please contact Barbara Cooke, Community Development Officer for Radian, on 023 8062 8163 or email

† Tickets in person at the museum or by phone 023 8083 4536.

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Swaythling Lawn Tennis Club’s annual fund-raising Quiz Night will be held on Friday 23 January at the Pavilion on the Park, Eastleigh. Doors open at 7.00 pm with the quiz starting promptly at 7.30 pm. Entry (which must be booked in advance) is £7.00 and includes supper. Please bring your own drinks and glasses.
For further details, or to book a place, please phone Sue on 8067 1016 or email

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This letter, dated 23 June 2014, was delivered in Ethelburt Avenue (the letter has been shortened).

My name is Jade Budden and I work out of Portswood Police Station. I am the local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for your area and I am looking to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for Ethelburt Avenue.

Over the past 12 months, according to police records, there have been 14 occurrences of crime in your locality. We strive to reduce crime to a minimum and increase community spirit; therefore we wish to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area.
In order to set up such a scheme, I need residents who are interested in joining, to make contact with me, either by telephoning 101 or via email. The neighbourhood will then need to nominate a co-ordinator, in order for us to set up an initial meeting.

Regards, Jade BUDDEN, PCSO 15560,
Portswood Safer Neighbourhood Team,

For more information about Neighbourhood Watch, see and to see the criminal activity in the area, see

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In late September, you were probably expecting hordes of freshers to be piling out of their parents’ cars into the City Gateway Building. But not one was to be seen. On October 2nd, The Echo and BBC explained why. The developers had failed to meet the August 1st completion deadline, although they achieved practical completion by 14th August. The University exercised their right not to take on the lease from August 2014 and plan to do so from August 2015. In May 2012, the University of Southampton entered into an agreement for a thirty year lease on completion of the building. The owners of the site are West Cheshire and Chester Borough Council.

Happily, a new granite plinth arrived on schedule near the end of July and the memorial plaque to Herbert Collins was reinstalled in the garden in front of Market Buildings, together with an information board.

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The autumn nature walk dates are Saturday, November 15th and Sunday 16th. Meet at Swaythling Station, 11.00am on both days. Wear suitable clothing for the conditions of the day. Walks finish at approximately 14.30. You can of course leave the walk at any time.

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Kevin White, Historic Environment Group Leader at Southampton City Council is having the official consultation version of the Appraisal and Management Plan prepared and then there will be a six week public consultation. If there is to be a public meeting, the HCERA Committee has decided not to have this combined with the AGM.

The latest draft in our possession can be seen using the link

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The date for the AGM has been set for Monday 24th November. Notice of the meeting will be sent out two weeks in advance. Following the formal business, there will be a talk by local historian Phoebe Merrick on “War Horses – The Remount Depots at Romsey and Swaythling”.

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If you would like some daffodil or crocus bulbs to plant in the public areas of the estate, please contact your street rep or send an email.

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The dates for the next three Ethelburt Avenue road maintenance days are as follows:

15th November 2014 for the Upper team,
14th February 2015 for the Middle team,
9th May 2015 for the Lower team.

We are always looking for new people to help spread the load, so if you are not on the Road Improvement Group (RIG) ‘mailing’ list, but wish to help out, please contact John Dixon on 8055 0064 or j.d.dixon at

The large pothole in the tarmac at the Bassett Green Road end of Ethelburt Avenue was recently repaired, But it was nothing to do with us!

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