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Residents who have lived here a long time will remember our campaign of opposition to the Football Stadium at Stoneham. More recently the battle was lost to keep the land lying within the city boundary on either side of Stoneham Lane as Strategic Gap.

The land in the Strategic Gap between Southampton and Eastleigh now faces its greatest threat. The draft Eastleigh Local Plan 2011-2029 contains plans for a 1300 dwellings development. This would start in the fields just after North Stoneham Church and affect all the sports fields on that side of Stoneham Lane and south of Chestnut Avenue. The draft plan will go to a public enquiry in 2013, so its not too late to make your views known.


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The Ford Transit Factory is to close next year.

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Falcon Projects (Southern) Ltd.,
39 Brecon Close, New Milton, Hants BH25 6UB
Tel 01425 629053 Mob 07980 131750 for refelting the roofs of Collins houses.

Russ Clark Garden Care,   Mobile 07963 078 474   Tel 023 8067 1417. email: info(at)russclarkgardencare(dot)co(dot)uk
Russ did a very nice piece of work for us, cutting and planting a new flower bed.

Kirkpatrick Traditional Ironwork, for replacement fasteners for Collins wooden windows, available from Grant Haze, Architectural Ironmongers, Unit 25, Compass Point, Ensign Way, Hamble, Hants, SO31 4RA Tel: 023 8045 8511.

Pride Building Solutions Ltd, Mob: 07808 295522  Mob: 07717 811311 pridebuilding(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk
for building an extension.

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Three full-size, single panel Collins internal doors. Painted white, handles included. More to follow. Tel: 8067 9394.

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A number of residents have received a letter from a firm of solicitors offering to try to get them into a lower Council Tax band. Be very cautious. It is unlikely they can do anything you can’t do yourself for free. In fact, the circumstances in which you can get a lower banding are quite limited. These are explained on the Valuation Office Agency website:

They give a warning about Council Tax scams. From this website you can also check the Council Tax banding of your neighbours.

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Recently, the diseased birch tree on the lower green in Ethelburt Avenue was felled and the diseased Robinia on the top green had all the branches lopped off by Radian (alias the Swaythling Housing Society). This tree work was approved by the City Council. They intend that the trunk of the Robinia should be left to see if it sprouts out. There are already some signs of it doing so, but it is hard to see that it will ever again be attractive, especially as the trunk itself is diseased.

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The 24 hour weather forecast proved correct in predicting a window of fine weather in the afternoon of Saturday 30th June and well over 100 people attended. Once again we thank Ian Jarvis and Ken Hickling for slaving all the afternoon over the BBQ. They assure us that this is just how they like it! We would also like to slip in a recommendation for Ashley North from Geoff Betteridge Meats, as he did us such a great deal on the meat. Izzy Hammett and her boy friend provided the face painting. Sue Mellett, assisted by Millie Law, did a professional job running the children’s games.

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by Ray George

Robert Williams recently passed to me a scan of a brochure entitled “Model Estate at Bassett Green” written by Ralph, the brother of Herbert Collins, which I have put on our website.

This brochure, dated 1938, was addressed to prospective purchasers. He says “it seems hardly necessary for us to write out a long and elaborate specification of the many excellent features that distinguish the houses from most speculatively built property”.

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by Andy Sharvill, HCERA Treasurer

Each summer, a slightly beleaguered looking HCERA street rep comes knocking on your door inviting you to renew your membership or join HCERA.

For those residents who do not make the AGM, you may be interested to know our sources of income and where your money goes. By far our largest source of income is the annual membership subscription and without your subscriptions, HCERA could not continue. These contributions are supplemented by a donation from Woodhill Properties Limited (the freehold owner of much of the estate) and donations received at the summer party. Our expenditure includes issuing membership packs to all new residents, newsletters, memberships of other bodies, plants and bulbs for communal areas, holding the AGM and hosting the summer party. Overall we are broadly at a break-even position.

The collection rates are set out below per road, but in summary, just under 80% of all residents contributed to the Association in 2011, with the same percentage of Ethelburt Avenue residents contributing to the separate road fund. A contribution rate of 100% is, in my opinion, unachievable due to factors such as houses being vacant, rented out, in the process of being sold, or residents being on holiday when the collections take place, so personally I believe that this is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the sense of community within the conservation area.

Road                           Houses     Contributors

Bassett Green Road        39             31
Ethelburt Avenue           108             83
Stoneham Lane              18             10
Leaside Way                  37             29
Summerfield Gardens       9               7
Field Close                    12             12
TOTAL                         223           172

The collection of the 2012 membership subscriptions has commenced, and I have every confidence in the residents that this year will see even more contributors, so I would like to thank everyone in advance.

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