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by Alex Poore

The Association’s letter to residents of Ethelburt Avenue concerning a choice of options for improving the road surface coincided with one from the City Council’s Head of Legal Services quoting £841,000 to make up the road for adoption.

The replies received to our letter were overwhelmingly in favour of regraveling and not for a tarmac surface. As the road is in a terrible state, we think now is the time for action before another winter brings further deterioration.

A sub-committee consisting of Fiona and David Adams, Robert Kerr, Tim Fowler and myself was formed to obtain a specification for a long lasting repair of the surface. The City Council’s Roads and Development Engineering Manager visited the site and following his recommendations quotations have been obtained from contractors.

It is now our intention to hold a meeting at the Bassett Green Community Centre on Wednesday 26th July at 7.30pm for residents of Ethelburt Avenue to discuss all aspects of this important matter including the question of funding.

We urge all residents irrespective of whether or not they are members of the Residents’ Association to make every effort to attend.


As part of our program of replacing the trees in Ethelburt Avenue that have died, five young cherry trees have been planted. This program will continue.

Robert Williams on behalf of the Association, successfully applied to Southampton City Council for a V.E.Day celebration grant to plant 10 trees. A hawthorn tree was planted on the bottom green in Ethelburt Avenue by residents Mrs Canham and Mrs Catchpole in a ceremony during the Street Party. As the time of year was not suitable for planting, the Council has agreed to our proposal to plant the remainder on Remembrance Sunday. These plantings will be spread around the Conservation Area. There will be consultation with residents to select the best spots.

There is also a good chance that trees will be planted by the City Council along the verges in Leaside Way.

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The great success of the V.E.Day Street Party owed much to the brilliant organisation of Evelyn McPherson and her team. Mr Colin Varney was a very professional Master of Ceremonies. Even the forecasted end to the warm sunny weather was delayed until the party was over.

Around 250 people attended and the children enjoyed all the old favourites including sack races, wheelbarrow and three-legged races. The party closed with a tug- of- war for children versus mums and dads. Our thanks go to Southampton City Council for a grant towards the cost of this event.
Should we have more of these? Perhaps to raise money for charity. Let us have your views.

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As Mike Hancock, leader of the County Council said, ‘I don’t think Stoneham has gone away for good’. Hampshire County Council’s Education Committee has now declared the land surplus to requirements. Southampton is to have a unitary authority and the land within the city boundary, about half of the total, will return into ownership of the City Council. Moreover, the City Council has reaffirmed its intention of making a compulsory purchase order after it has exhausted other avenues. In response to these developments, the County Council’s Land Sub-Committee resolved that discussions should be held with the football club and Southampton City Council. Eastleigh Council will participate but from a position of opposition. The big question is: will a meeting of the full County Council be persuaded to change its mind?

The Stoneham Association is watching the situation and will be calling a public meeting.

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by Ray George

At its meeting on the 25th May the Forum was given a presentation of the University’s expansion plans. This is a long term development covering twenty years. The University’s development area extends out to Burgess Road from the boundary with the Common, eastwards as far as but not including the Crown and Sceptre. The plans no longer involve the closure of University Road but its exit on to Burgess Road will be moved further’west. It is hoped to construct a new commercial building in the area now occupied by the Midland Bank. They would like to see this include a convenience food store. The University has purchased the old Hampton Park School site and a new access is being made from Broadlands Road. The site will be used for academic buildings and not student accommodation.

Stephen Wadsworth, Southampton Council’s Landscape Architect outlined plans for the improvement of Daisy Dip. In the short term, access to the field on the east side of Lobelia Road would be improved by replacing steps with a ramp and seating and signboards would be installed. A contentious proposal is the provision of a youth shelter on the west field. Some thought it was sure to receive the attentions of vandals and not last five minutes.

Fords are giving up their lease on the land they used as a car park beside South Stoneham Cemetery and which is owned by the City Council. Groups have expressed interest in using this land for 5-a-side, roller hockey, BMXing and a city farm. Further proposals for community uses are being sought.

The next meeting of the Community Forum is on Thursday 27th July at the Baptist Church, Fleming Road at 7.30pm.

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by Ray George

“Landscaped front gardens with and without boundary hedges are an important feature of the Bassett Green Estate. This mixture of open and planted frontages reinforces the garden suburb character of the estate and for this reason the enclosure of front gardens with new walls and fences will be discouraged’*

The open-plan feature of the properties is in principle secured by the freeholder not including the land in front of the houses within the property leased. My garden stops about 2 feet in front of my house. It is merely lawful for me to enter on to the front lawn ‘for the purpose of keeping the same in good order and condition’. A well-sited shrub or tree may enhance the area as a whole. What clearly damages the area as a whole is if one householder plants a hedge to enclose the lawn. For good design it is necessary not only to look narrowly at ones own property but to view it in the context of its surroundings.

Along the southern side of Ethelburt Avenue, along Bassett Green Road and Leaside Way, we find the other type of frontage: the privet hedge, the plain green kind, nothing fancy like argenteum or aureum. This has survived well, there are hardly any instances where the hedge is missing or a different shrub has been grown. There does not seem to be a consensus as to how high the hedge should be. Are the very tall ones intended or have they just got like that? Privet should withstand ruthless cutting back in April.

*Design Guidance for the Ethelburt Avenue (Bassett Green Estate) Conservation Area, copies are free to new residents in the Welcome Pack, £2.50 to others from your Street Rep.

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St Michael’s Play Group, Church Hall, Bassett Avenue, Mon.,Wed. and Fri. mornings.
Toddlers’ Group: Thursday mornings. For details ring Sue Stanek, 768702.

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