by Mike Bull, Ethelburt Avenue

Part of the rich heritage that Herbert Collins created in Swaythling is the Methodist Church in Burgess Road. For nearly a century this building has graced the local skyline and it is a unique example of the work of his genius.

Over the past few years with the decline of the Methodist congregation, the building has sadly deteriorated and indeed needs a considerable amount of money spent to restore this Grade 2 listed building.

The building was recently put up for sale with all the uncertainty of its future which comes with new ownership. However, I am delighted that members of the local Sikh community have purchased the building and now have started a complete restoration project and the Gurdwara Khalsa Darbar have taken stewardship of this wonderful building. They are keen to play their role in our local community and give special recognition to the work of Herbert Collins. Further plans around this will be announced in due course and our chairman Ray George will be part of the group who will develop this. So apart from the safe keeping of Collins houses, we can now add the former Swaythling Methodist Church.

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