by Sue Kench

At the AGM, there were a number of treasurer related matters agreed that I would like to share.

The main decision was that from 2021, Street Reps will no longer be accepting cheques for payment of road maintenance (Ethelburt residents) and general subs (all). There are a few reasons including that the Burgess Road Barclays Bank branch will close in February 2021 and that taking cheques to be banked is time consuming and often done only when a number of cheques make the trip feasible. Additionally, in light of the pandemic, unnecessary handling of paper / cash should be avoided. I would ask that everyone pays their annual subs/road maintenance by bank transfer. The second matter was that subs will remain at £5 for 2021 and Ethelburt Road Maintenance contribution at £30. While we suspended collection of subs for 2020 for Covid related reasons, there were still ongoing costs. Annual subs / road maintenance for 2021 are due before 31st August 2021.

Any questions or concerns, please speak with your street rep or send me an email via hcera.

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